Saturday, 20 December 2014


I can't get over what I'm seeing right now. The colours, prints and cuts are all so aesthetically pleasing to my eyes, it's ridiculous. It's also pretty heart warming to watch and read how this awesome brand came to life. Anna Robertson and the Ghanaian collective responsible for YEVU have done an impressive job crafting beautiful and ethical pieces out of stunning fabrics. 
It's rare to lust over an entire collection, but I would put my hand up to own any (if not all) of this collection. 

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Panorama Photography | Nouméa

1 La Rivière-Bleue 2 - 3 Phare Amédée 4 Kuendu Beach 5 Outside the Library 6 Baie des Citron
7 Outside Centre Culturel Tjibaou 8 Inside a hut at Centre Culturel Tjibaou 9 Bus stop at Kuendu

These are some of the (better) shots I took using the panorama feature on my camera. I really like the way that this feature captures the scenery from a personal perspective. These shots also capture the different landscapes/terrains of Noumea, from the red earth to the numerous shades of the ocean.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Am I dreaming?

Cotton On Tube Skirt

I got back last Tuesday, and this is the first day since that it hasn't rained. Since being back reality has hit me hard, as I've had to figure out the rest of my university path in order to apply for my courses next year, and I've had to go back to work right in the middle of the Christmas period (ugggh). Seeing my friends and family has made the transition back much easier though.
I had to get a shot of my fish tail braid before I cut my braids shorter. I intend to keep them in till the end of this month, so cutting them shorter will stop me from pulling at them and help keep them intact. Results to come...

Je suis rentrée mardi dernier, et aujourd'hui, est le premier jour où il n'a pas plu. Depuis mon retour en Nouvelle-Zélande€, la réalité m'a frappé dure. Se rendre à voir mes amis et de la famille a fait la transition de retour beaucoup plus facile.
J'ai eu à obtenir une photo de ma "fish tail" tresse je coupe mes tresses plus courte. J'ai l'intention de les conserver jusqu'à la fin de ce mois, donc de couper les tresses plus courte m'empêcheront de en tirant sur eux et les aider à rester intacte. Résultats à venir ...

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Fashion Moments à Nouméa

I bought some fabric from this store. Can't wait to make something from it.

At The Markets.
Thrifted Adidas Netball Skirt - Cotton On Animal Print Slip Ons

Adidas Originals Slides - Country Road Duffel Bag

Thrifted Shirt, Blouse & Shorts (DIY)

It's kind of difficult to be "fashionable/stylish" on a trip where the weather is crazy hot and humid. For the majority of the trip I just wanted to wear as little as possible just to let my skin breathe a little bit, which meant that I wore shorts, skirts and short sleeved tops. The down side of not wearing pants was sticking to every seat because my thighs had melted to them. When it came to footwear, I literally lived in my slides as it was too hot for socks. The first time I wore my converse, I thought my feet would burn off from the heat.
I got some really sweet compliments from of the people in my group on some of the pieces I wore and my sunnies which I wore religiously throughout the stay.
Apart from all the souvenir items, the shopping in Noumea was alright. I visited Mango for the first time, There was a lovely African store run buy a gorgeous Senegalese girl and her sister, the Markets buy the marina and an abundance of stores that catered both to locals and tourists.
For gifts, I got my baby brother some orange harem pants from the Markets and the other one a mesh rasta coloured t shirt.
The downside of shopping was the decieving exchange rate. The XPF is slightly inflated, so I was constantly calculating the prices to make sure that I was actually getting the deal that I thought I was.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Séjour Linguistique | La Première Semaine

These are some photos from the first week of my language course. I would have uploaded them sooner, but the internet here is so slow, and the last time I tried the computer shut down on me. We have an exam tomorrow which marks the end of the course and then we’re free for the rest of the week. I've really enjoyed my time here, the people I’ve met and all the activities we’ve done. I haven’t taken any pics of my outfits, but I have more pictures to show of this little city!!

Voici quelques photos de la première semaine de mon séjour linguistique. Je les aurais téléchargé plus tôt, mais l'Internet ici est tellement lent, et la dernière fois je ai essayé l'ordinateur fermé sur moi. Nous avons un examen demain qui marque la fin du cours, puis nous sommes libres pour le reste de la semaine. J'ai vraiment apprécié mon temps ici, les gens que j'ai rencontrés et toutes les activités que nous avons fait. Je n'ai pas pris de photos de mes tenues, mais j'ai plus de photos pour montrer de cette petite ville!!

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