Sunday, May 3

Imperfect person is my real name

"Unfriendly Black Hottie" Muscle Tee Gift
Black Cropped Pants Glassons
Black Mesh Slides Miss Guided
Plaid Shirt She Inside

This week has been pretty average I must say. I attended the funeral of a teacher from my high school which was really heartbreaking as she died from cancer and left behind her husband and three children. It's unfortunate events like this that kinda put things into perspective I guess. 
Aside from an awful stats test at 8 am, uni was pretty good. We had this awesome discussion in my journalism tutorial about the portrayal of women in mainstream media, and looked at dance films in my other media course. 
I decided to dust off my "Unfriendly Black Hottie" top for this look as I haven't worn it in ages. I think it's because I don't know where/when it's appropriate to wear it as I have the feeling that many people would get the Mean Girls reference... Nonetheless I don't plan on throwing it out ever haha.
I can finally give my sneakers a rest with these new shoes. If you're at university/college I suggest you get onto Unidays which is what led me to getting these shoes. A lot of the discounts are only 10%-15%, but every few weeks they have even bigger discounts. Defs check them out!! xxx

Thursday, April 30

Inspiration | Spring Pastels

Spring Pastels

I don't think I'll ever get used this whole northern/southern hemisphere season difference. At this moment in time it is Autumn down here, and it's actually pouring down with rain right now, while in the northern hemisphere it's Spring. The majority of the fashion blogs I read/follow are run by bloggers who live in countries such as the USA, Sweden, France and England, so I'm sitting here reading their posts in my socks and three layers, while they're rocking their Summer/festival outfits and soaking up the sun. If you're reading this and you're heading into Summer, no I am not jealous. Not at all.

When I think of Spring the first thing that comes to mind is "floral" or "flowers"; one of those things that has been encoded and associated with the meaning of Spring. But then pastels also come to mind. I feel like Spring is the perfect time to wear pastels colours as they really suit this changing season and all it encompasses. Pastels are refreshing, fun and there's a colour for everyone to choose from. If you're in the middle of Spring: have fun rocking your pastels, and for those of you freezing your butts off like me: stay strong, we can and will get through the next few months!!

More on this set!! 

Tuesday, April 28

TOV Tuesdays | Floral Print Pleated Dress & Denim Jacket

Floral Print Dress & Denim Jacket Thrifted
Boots Cotton On

This post marks my first installment of Thrifted, Op-shopped, Vintage Tuesdays aka TOV Tuesdays!! I've been blogging for three years now, and even from my first outfit posts I've been wearing second hand or vintage pieces that I've picked up from op shops all around Auckland. In these posts I'll also includ tips and tricks related to thrifting and stretching your $ further.

There's this blog that started following in 2012/2013 called She Wears Fashion run by a girl named Kavita who would have a "Thrifty Thursday" post every week on her blog. I remember finding it really cool that she went out of her way to find thrifted clothing or replica versions of items that were on trend at that time, as I hadn't really seen any other fashion blog doing the same thing. 
There is this misconception around fashion blogging these days that what a blogger is wearing has to be the latest thing, and it has to be on trend and most definitely has to be branded. Preferably a brand that everybody is familiar with, or no ones going to like it or pay attention etc.
I feel like it takes the fun and creativity out of fashion, wearing the same thing as everybody else. I mean that's what drew me to thrifting in the first place. I love the idea that what I'm wearing is one-of-a-kind/can't be replicated/different from what others are wearing. I think spending 13 years wearing a uniform is a part of it haha. I'm not saying that people should stop everything and change their shopping habits, but to think about it: "Am I buying this because I like it and want to wear it or because it's trending/cool.
(Click  through for more on this outfit!!)

Saturday, April 25

Keep it 100

Grey T shirt Gap 
High waisted Black Skirt Mirrou
Green Bomber Jacket Topshop
Reflective Sunglasses Le Specs

It was my birthday last week, and I got this jacket as a gift from my friends. They are honestly too good to me. My friend also made me a super cute collage with all my favourite people in it.
This is a proper look at the skirt I wore for my birthday celebrations last weekend. The materials great, but the skirt tends to ride up especially when walking uphill. I'm keen to shop at Mirrou again as they have some really nice pieces at real good prices.
I've worn these sunglasses way to much in the last year as the pretty much go with everything. In saying that, even though it is almost Winter, it would be nice to get a new pair.
Now I'm probably going to catch up on my blog roll since it's been two weeks, and stuffing my face with noodles... Hope you have a super weekend!! xxx

Thursday, April 23

Autumn Feels & Why I Don't Wear Tights

Autumn Feels

This is something you might find me wearing this winter, probably with a coat on top because it's getting to be that cold. Even though I'll continue wearing skirts or dresses through Winter, you won't find me wearing any tights/stockings. I honestly can't do them, especially since my bad experiences with them in high school.
I always found that I never had the right size, thinking I was a "tall" when really I must have been an "extra tall". Like what even is the difference?? Anyway, I can't go back now, they've left me traumatized, itchy and really uncomfortable.
I feel like babies are the only people who can pull tights/stockings off tbh. They can wear them in any colour and still look cute. And also maybe in high fashion. There's alot of crazy stuff that goes on editorial shoots, and coloured tights would defs be a thing. But in public, not for me,,,

Find the set here!!
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