Friday, March 27

I'm Phenomenal

Bangerz Tour Miley T shirt 
Converse Sneakers
Factorie Plaid Shirt
Cotton On Black Tote Bag

I never realised this spot was such a tourist attraction until we went to shoot these photos. There we at least five tour buses filled with eager photographers wanting to get the perfect shot of the scenery, and as you can see below, themselves. It was great for my sister and me because we blended right in with our non-stop camera snapping. 
Wearing this t-shirt not only reminds me of Miley's concert, but also how when she toured Australia afterwards, Lolawolf was her opening act. It made me kinda upset because it would have been awesome to see Zoe Kravitz performing in person. Honestly she is so fab, and her music is pretty good too.
In an ideal world I would have gone back to writing my assignments due next week after I've published this post. But then again it's Friday, and this is reality hahah. I hope you have a great weekend, I'll be spending mine not procrastinating!! xxx
Who said older generations weren't up with the times?

Wednesday, March 25

Interiors Wishlist

Interiors Wishlist

My Polyvore 

Following on from my last post detailing my dream garden, I've got some fresh interior design inspiration. I decided to take a leaf out of some of my fave Scandinavian bloggers with this set. Not only is their style on point, but their homes are too.

Sunday, March 22

You actin' like you upgraded me, I upgraded you

Factorie Black Crop Top
Cotton On Black Tube Skirt - BootsCross Body Bag
She Inside Plaid Shirt

Paying homage to one of my favourite places today, the Winter Gardens. There's something about being surround by nature in an open space that makes me feel so calm, at home and totally at peace. I always daydream about having my own place with a huge garden filled with fruit trees and and planted veges. Why can't I just be Oprah already. I mean seriously. For now though, I'll just have to be content with strolling through all the well kept gardens and forests Auckland has to offer.
Almost makes me forget how long my package from Cotton On package took to get to me... They had this insane deal a few weeks back where you could buy three bags for $25. I got the bag pictured, a tote bag and a little backpack, plus these boots with 30% off for my first purchase. Shipping from Australia I thought it would be here in two days (like The Iconic), but I guess I did order quite a bit of stuff haha #noregrets..

Friday, March 20

Whinin' like she from Africa

Thrifted Jacket via 'Cheap as Chips'
Cotton On Boots

SO good to blog again after this random hiatus. I've been busy with uni, which has been amazing, but only going to get busier now that I've got assignments to get through..
I finally made it to Topshop this week as it was so crazy during the opening week. I was not going to wait in that ridiculous line.
In trying to move away from the ripped jeans I've been rocking this past year, I got this pair. I definitely wasn't easy finding them in among the distressed, slit at the knee jeans that were on display. For my first Topshop purchase I think I did pretty good. This stripy top I got at an outlet/warehouse sale, and the jacket I got on this outing with my friend. And yeah, I got my hair done again. I hope your week is going good, and your weekend is even better! xxx

*If you came for a video of someone whining, feel free to play the song and entertain yourself ;)

Saturday, March 7

Open a window to my prophecy, I've seen the omen in your odyssey

Thrifted High Neck Sleeveless Pullover & Adidas Maroon Netball Skirt
Vans Sneakers

This skirt is too fab, I need another in black and navy blue to wear ironically as I haven't played netball since year 11. You can't see it in the pictures, but this top is striped cream and gold with a gold collar. It's also the closest you'll get to seeing me wearing a turtle neck. I find them as equally grotesque as peep toe heels. I do have vague memories of wearing them when I was younger, but that was back when Mum used to dress me.
I'm in the middle of a four day weekend as I didn't have uni on Thursday and Friday which was super duper nice, considering the super long Wednesdays I have to endure. I hope your weekend is going good, peep Scooter Island, they are amaaazing!! xxx

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