Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Strolling by Cecile Emeke

I came across a web series called Ackee & Saltfish yesterday which led me to Cecile Emeke's YouTube Channel. This then led me to her "online docu-series" titled Strollingwhich brings together stories and perspectives from Africans around the world. I've chosen these videos from what I've watched, but there are are so many more on her channel.
One of my favourite New Zealand owned television shows is called Both Worlds. The show allows young migrants and refugees to tell their stories, and being from a refugee background it makes me so happy to see people like me on screen that I can relate to. Watching Cecile's videos just took that feeling to an entirely different level. The people that she has talked to have such an intuitive perspective on the issues facing people just like me and also the major problems with society. 
Even though these people live across the world from me, I feel what they're saying on such a personal level. I just wanted to share this here to highlight the incredible talents of my fellow Africans, and also in the hopes that you'll take something from this series. I hope you enjoy your week! xxx

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Tropical Attire

I spent Saturday afternoon shooting photos for Retima House whose fashion show I also modeled for a month ago. The photos from that show didn't turn out very well, so we got another opportunity to shoot the dresses again. 
All the clothing from Retima house is themed on the tropics, with bold printed hibiscus flowers and tribal prints and motifs making up the designs on the dresses. There is so much vibrancy and colour in the garments and they're not tight or super formfitting which is great for Summer. I might just have to stock up on a few for next year..

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Lantern Festival

I went to The Lantern Festival last night with two of my friends to celebrate the Chinese New Year. It was my first time going and it definitely met my expectations. We got there and hit Princes St which was lined with food stalls. It was so overwhelming deciding on what to eat as there were so many yummy scents floating from all the different stalls, but we managed to settle on some Thai food and I got a mango smoothie afterwards.
The ASB area, exclusively for card holders, was by far my favourite place. There were two wishing trees, a little performance tent and free jasmine and green tea.

Happy Chinese New Year!! #YearoftheGoat

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Inspiration | Awards Season

Awards Season Inspiration

More and more everybody's attention is being shifted from the actual awards given out during this time of year, to who's wearing what on the red carpet. How can you not pay attention when all these beautiful women are swanning around in equally beautiful dresses!? They inspire me to not only to make these sets, but to work hard and be so successful that I too can swan around in these extravagant gowns one day. #watchthisspace 

Awards Season Inspiration #2

*More on these sets here*

Friday, 20 February 2015

Woke up an optimist, sun was shining I'm positive

The Iconic Zalora Floral Print Dress
Asos Chunky Boots 

This is what I wore when I went out with my friends a few weeks back. These chunky heels and a soft flowing dress were great for dancing in all night. This dress doesn't give much shape, which isn't great if you've got some curves like me, but when I put on a belt to create some shape around the waist it became too short...
I've got a whole week next week to get myself prepared for uni which starts.That means buying some stationary and more importantly my course books. I'm really excited for the content of my courses this year, but not so much the work load as it is my second year and I'll be doing three stage two papers this semester alone. I already had a taste of stage two with French last year and it was definitely a step up.. I hope you enjoy your weekend, I have Saturday off for once in my life!! xxx
P.S. We shot these photos in the afternoon sunlight which is my favourite time to shoot as it makes my skin glow like crazy. #melaninonfleek

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