Friday, May 22

Inspiration | Feelin' Myself - Nicki Minaj ft. Beyoncé

Inspiration | I'm Feelin' Myself - Nicki Minaj ft. Beyoncé

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The Feeling Myself music video dropped unexpectedly this week, and it is everything and more than anything I could imagine. I'm so glad that Beyoncé & Nicki Minaj are working together. The ***Flawless remix was bomb, and Feeling Myself is even better. The music video is a mix of sass, bad ass and all out fun. And on, it does not make me want to go to Coachella any more than I already do.
I made this set drawing inspiration from a couple of the looks from the video. Overall, I really liked their outfits, (the styling was on point!!) especially the more masculine silhouettes like the over sized t shirts and coats.
MTV has this article with tons of links to the different pieces that Bey and Nicki are rocking in the music video. Looking at my bank account atm, I could probably get away with buying the black and white socks. Maybe.
You can peep the music video here!! :)

Tuesday, May 19

#3 TOV Tuesdays | Plaid School Dress

Cream Shirt Missguided
Tartan Dress Thrifted

This is one of those dresses that doesn't look good unless you're wearing something underneath it. In this case the item is a shirt. I had the idea of buying a shirt when I went thrifting last week but I had no such luck. It seems that every other time I've been shopping there's always been white shirts, but the one time I want one, there are none to be found. There's this one particular thrift store that has these white shirts with this really elegant and intricate embroidery on the collar and front part where the buttons are. They're the type of shirts that my Mum thinks are only for old(er) ladies like a lot of my clothes, but they're honestly the cutest little shirts.
This shirt from Missguided isn't too bad of a substitute, although it has gathered quite a bit of lint on the front and back after only one wash :/
In other news, I'm back at uni tomorrow after having a throat infection for the past five days. I finally went to the doctors yesterday which was probably for the better because my throat was literally closing up on me. I could hardly talk, swallow my food or drink anything unless it was boiling hot to numb the pain. It's been 24 hours and I'm feeling so much better already, and back to stuffing my face and being able to actually enjoy my food.
Don't forget to be thankful for your health, you never know when it could be taken from you!! xxx

Sunday, May 17

Winter Warmers | Footwear

Winter Warmers: Footwear

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I can't get over all these shoes!! For me when it comes to Winter footwear, my shoes have got to be waterproof. If you've ever worn canvas converse on a rainy day then you know the struggle. It rains so much in Winter that leather. faux leather, rubber and any other kind of water proof material make the best kinds of shoes.
They also have to be covered, i.e. no peep toe or random cut outs. There was this footwear trend where all these shoes were being sold (still being sold I think) with all these geometric cutouts on them so that if you wore socks they showed through. I definitely want to be wearing socks as my feet get so bloody cold which is really distracting, never mind uncomfortable.
The majority of these shoes are black, and honestly I prefer the colour black as "it goes with everything", and the colour hides dirt/marks quite well. Now if only these shoes would magically appear in my closet...

Friday, May 15

Today's Thrifting

I didn’t have uni today so after I finished unbraiding my hair this morning, I went to my local second hand store. My favourite thing about this store, and something I've found at other thrift stores, is that they colour code all their clothing. It gives me so much satisfaction, it's ridiculous.
A lot of people say that shopping is therapeutic, but thrift shopping is on a whole other level. I find that it can get really frustrating and tiring sifting through the racks, but then when I find something that I like, fits and looks good on me I get so happy. It’s such an awesome feeling of contentment that I found something so unique and cool and excitement because I can’t wait to wear it.

As you can probably can tell, these are some pics I took in the changing room today. I found some nice stuff, but I've kinda taught myself to be really critical when I try something on so as not to buy it out of impulse. And also to make sure it fits haha. I ended up purchasing the red jacket (pictured), and this awesome grey sweater with all these rainbow shapes on it. Sounds bizarre, but it’s so cute. I would have taken the black and grey top with the white stripe, but it had these two large pockets on the front. They were kinda fugly and really unnecessary tbh.
I hope you have a lovely weekend!! Mine will be spent catching up on a couple of lectures that I missed because I was writing essays. #fun xxx

Tuesday, May 12

#2 TOV Tuesdays | Lace & Black Velvet

Assignments have been keeping me completely distrcted this past wee, but I couldn't let the stop me from posting today. This velvet skirt I've had for a few years now, it’s stayed in the same great condition I bought it, and it keeps me my legs really warm.
I wanted to focus more on this top though, hence the mid shots. The detailing and colour of the lace is really cool and gives off this kinda gothic vibe. I suggest wearing a tank top under something like this, but I personally don’t mind showing my bra, although it can get a little breezy…

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