Friday, 17 October 2014

Fall/Winter 2014

Fall/Winter 2014

Fall/Winter 2014 

Living in the Southern Hemisphere, and seeing all the new Fall/Winter collections being released to the masses of the Northern Hemisphere, has got me seriously wishing I could to Winter all over again.
One reason for this I guess, is because I didn't manage to get my hands on the few pieces I really wanted this season, like a pair of Chelsea boots, a tartan shirt or the perfect over-sized coat. Now with Summer on it's way I definitely won't be able to wear such items in New Zealand's insane humidity. I'm also really getting into layering which isn't exactly impossible, but more of a life threatening to do during Summer. I guess I'll have to hold out to next Winter and make sure to nab the pieces I want in time.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Don’t gotta ask the price ‘cause you already know

Adidas Originals Slides 
Factorie Boyfriend Jeans

I took some pictures with my friend back during the mid-semester break. The day was so beautiful that we thought we'd be tourists and take some shots with the iconic Rangitoto Island in the background.
The slides I received as a gift from my brother when he went overseas. I literally wear them everyday and even out to places like to the beach on this day. I'm pretty keen to expand my collection over the Summer as they are the perfect shoe for this season. New obsession? Maybe...

J'ai pris quelques photos avec mon ami pendant la pause de la mi-semestre. La journée était si belle que nous pensions que nous serions les touristes et prendre quelques photos avec l'iconique île de Rangitoto dans le fond.
J'ai reçu ces chaussures comme un cadeau de mon frère quand il est allé à l'étranger. Je les porte tous les jours et même en dehors à des endroits comme à la plage en cette journée. J'ai vraiment envie de élargir ma collection cours de l'été car ils sont la chaussure parfaite pour cette saison. Nouvelle obsession? Peut-être ...

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Don't be afraid of alone, you'll get it done on your own

Valley Girl Watermelon Print T-shirt
Cotton On Boyfriend Jeans
Oasap Creepers

This is what I wore to Miley's concert on Wednesday. I went to Valley Girl to find something cheap and cheerful and found this t-shirt hanging all alone. I ended up taking the creepers off at the end of the show because I'm still wearing them in and by that point my feet were really hurting. They looked good, so I guess it was worth it...
The concert its'self was awesome!! Miley had great energy, stage presence and insane graphics throughout the show. She didn't bring her entire set to New Zealand as the rumours had suggested, but  they weren't really needed anyway. I had a little freak out when she performed #GETITRIGHT and  Party In The USA which is a total pop classic.

Voilà ma tenue pour le concert de Miley à Mercredi soir. J'ai allée Valley Girl à trouver quelquechose moins cher et joyeuse et j'ai trouve cet t-shirt tout seul.

Le concert était super!! Miley avait une grande énergie, une présence sur scène et des graphismes époustouflants au long du spectacle. Elle n'a pas apporté toute sa stade à la Nouvelle-Zélande comme les rumeurs l'ont suggéré, mais ils n'étaient pas vraiment nécessaire. Je suis devenu très excité quand elle a exécuté #GETITRIGHT et Party In The USA qui est une chanson pop classique.

My friend took these shots on her I phone :)

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Let's spark a new flame

Thrifted Red Blouse

When you receive a voucher for 30% off Rubi products, you (must) put it to use. I decided to get these slides which as you can see are "inspired" by The Windsor Smith range. One of my main internal struggles when it comes to shopping is whether to spend $$$ on something because it's an investment to add to my closet, or spend $ on something because I'll only be wearing it for that season/I'll get sick of wearing it and throw it out.
What I enjoy about thrifting/op shopping is that I don't have to think about how much I'm investing into a piece of clothing because there are no competing brands that carry the same style. Almost everything is unique and vary few people, if any, will own the same item. I also find it less stressful and crowded, and the shop assistants are from experience really nice.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Wtf is Normcore?

India Rose

Victoria Tornegren

Scandinavians do it best 

I was hovering around on the internet when I came across a post from earlier this year describing this new trend "normcore", which got me intrigued as I had seen this style before, but never really had a name for it. From what I've read on various sites (Vogue//NY Times) this "trend" seems to have some people confused about whether to take it seriously or not. I'm simply confused about why it's such a hot topic when this has been a style for some time now.

I don't necessarily think it's about wanting to look cool and indifferent or that it's lazy. I personally see it as wanting to look clean, crisp and simple. A white shirt and pants could get you mistaken for a waiter, but it's refreshing to have a simple palette without the clutter of accessories and/or layers. The great thing about dressing in basics is that when you want to, you can dress them up with some bling or a little colour. I definitely don't think this trend style is unfashionable like it's being made out to be.

What frustrates me the most is the effort that people are putting in to define this aesthetic as if it could easily be put into a box. In an effort to move away from this ridiculous word and all it's connotations and assumptions, I've compiled a number of images that I hope give the essence of what is at heart a minimalist fashion aesthetic.

Aurora Mohn 

Aurora's closet
Kendall Jenner
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