Saturday, 15 November 2014


I bought some fireworks last week and I finally got to set them off with some of my cousins last night. It took us ages to light the sparklers, until we got one going and used it to light the rest. I managed to get these shots by slowing down the shutter speed on my camera while also moving it around and getting everybody to create shapes/draw with their sparklers. I could spend nights playing around with this effect, it's so much fun.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Bonobos | Fall Style Challenge

I was challenged by Bonobos to put together an outfit/style board to compliment one of their looks from their new Fall 2014 Catalogue. I got just a little bit carried away and created these two sets complimenting two different looks from the collection. As always, there were so many options, styles and colours to choose from, I couldn't just make one..

The idea of this style challenge is to inspire and give ideas to couples who want to coordinate their outfits when they dress up for events or even go out on a special date. With the holiday season approaching, these events will likely be more frequent. 
I personally love the idea of coordinating outfits. It’s fun, and if executed well, can make for an awesome fashion statement.

I think the most important things to remember when ccoordinating outfits is colour and texture. Try to compliment and accentuate the colours of the outfits and don't be afraid to clash different textures as they always make for an interesting look.

Thank you Bonobos for the opportunity to get creative!!

Friday, 7 November 2014

Jeffrey, remets nous des glaçons

Valleygirl Baseball Jersey 
DIY Thrifted High-Waisted Denim Shorts
New Balance Sneakers
Oasap Reflective Sunglasses

Shouts out to my brother for lending me his sneakers to shoot this look. Before I shot these I dropped some cucumbers off at my Auntie's, who asked if I was going for a run when she saw these on my feet. I wasn't going for a run (even though I should get my ass to the gym), I just thought these sneakers would complete the sporty/casual vibes of this look. This baseball jersey is pretty cool, but man do I wish it came in black..
I have one more exam next week and then I'm off on a language course, which to be honest I haven't really thought about. I don't actually know anybody who's going, so I don't know whether I should be nervous or not. Some people like to step out of their comfort zones, but it seems I like to dive out head first.

Merci beaucoup à mon frère qui m'a prêté ses baskets pour cette tenue. Ma tante a pensée que j'allais à l'entraînement, mais en fait j'ai pensée que ces baskets compléterait le vibe sportif et décontracté de cette teune. 
J'ai une examen plus la semaine prochaine et puis je pars pour une séjour linguistique. Je ne connais personne qui est aller avec moi, alors je ne suis pas certaine si je devrais être nerveuse...

Friday, 31 October 2014

Inspiration | Halloween

It sucks having to study for exams when I would much rather be getting dressed up to celebrate Halloween with my friends. However I won't let my impending exams stop me from getting inspired by one of my favourite over commercialized holidays (my number one being Christmas).
If I was dressing up I would definitely go for the crazy/scary or silly costumes as I'm really not a fan of the stereotypical "naughty/sexy/cute nurse/witch/vampire". It would have been really fun to go painted up as a Mexican Calavera (sugar skull). I've seen so many creative and interesting versions it, hopefully I'll get a chance next year to give it a try.
I got some of these images from my friends Tumblr. She has the best inspiration for Halloween.

C'est nul que je dois réviser pour mes examens quand je préférerais de celebrer Halloween avec mes amis. Cependant, je ne permettrai pas mes examens de m'arrêter d'etre inspiré par l'une de ma favori fêtes. 
Si je célébrais Halloween, il serait amusant d'aller peint comme un Calavera mexicain (crâne de sucre). J'ai vu autant de versions créatives et intéressantes de la Calavera, j'éspère que j'aurai une chance de l'essayer l'année prochaine.
J'ai obtenu certains de ces images du blog de mon ami sur Tumblr . Elle a la meilleure source d'inspiration pour Halloween.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Fall/Winter 2014

Fall/Winter 2014

Fall/Winter 2014 

Living in the Southern Hemisphere, and seeing all the new Fall/Winter collections being released to the masses of the Northern Hemisphere, has got me seriously wishing I could to Winter all over again.
One reason for this I guess, is because I didn't manage to get my hands on the few pieces I really wanted this season, like a pair of Chelsea boots, a tartan shirt or the perfect over-sized coat. Now with Summer on it's way I definitely won't be able to wear such items in New Zealand's insane humidity. I'm also really getting into layering which isn't exactly impossible, but more of a life threatening to do during Summer. I guess I'll have to hold out to next Winter and make sure to nab the pieces I want in time.

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